2-1-1 Transportation Department

The mission of the 2-1-1 Transportation Department is “to reduce transportation barriers in underserved communities in an attempt to level the playing field.” In an effort to accomplish our mission, 2-1-1 Transportation builds strategic partnerships to offer callers free and/or subsidized transportation so they can better access resources.  The 2-1-1 Transportation team also performs comprehensive reviews of Alameda County transportation and
paratransit resources, ensuring 2-1-1 is able to provide callers requesting transportation
assistance with accurate guidance and referrals.

A woman wearing a mask riding in a car. Logos for Lyft and 211 are on this image.

Current Partnerships

Alameda County Transportation Commission (ACTC): 2-1-1 recieves funding from ACTC to provide the only One-Call/One-Click mobility management project in Alameda County. A comprehensive list of all public and private paratransit service providers and users group is accessible online and through the free 2-1-1 phone system.

Alameda Independent Mobility (AIM): 2-1-1 Transportation partners with the City of Alameda to schedule subsidized Lyft and Uber rides for the Alameda Independent Mobility (AIM) program.  The program facilitates same day trip needs within Alameda County for low-income residents of the City of Alameda who are enrolled in  East Bay Paratransit.  Click here to learn more about City of Alameda paratransit resources. 

California Department of Transportation: 2-1-1 recieves funding from the California Department of Transportation to ensure that all relevant Alameda County paratransit programs and information are contained in the Eden I&R database.  Funding also allows Eden I&R to streamline and coordinate mobility management services in Alameda County by using 2-1-1 as a central access point for subsidized ride-sharing programs currently offered by the various cities and unincorporated areas of Alameda County.

Hayward Operated Paratransit (HOP): 2-1-1 Transportation partners with the HOP program to schedule subsidized Lyft and Uber rides for eligible seniors and people living with disabilities in Hayward, Castro Valley, San Lorenzo, Ashland and Cherryland.  Click here to learn more about the HOP program.

Ride United: When funding is available, 2-1-1 partners with United Way Worldwide’s Ride United program to offer callers free Lyft rides for the purposes of employment, medical, food, and vaccinations.  This program is utilized when no other transportation resources are available.

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