California Identification Card Program

The California Identification Card (CAL-ID) Program provides a California Identification card to eligible inmates upon their release from prison with the intention of streamlining access to support services such as medical, housing, and right-to-work documents.

CAL-ID is available at all CDCR institutions. Eligible individuals can apply for a CAL-ID card within 120-210 days of release.

In order to be eligible, you must:

  • Have no less than 120 days to release;
  • Have no active felony hold, warrant, or detainer that may result in additional incarceration following your release date;
  • Have no active USCIS – ICE Hold, which would result in deportation;
  • Have a Social Security Number;
  • Have been issued an identification card or driver’s license from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) within the previous 10 years. The DMV will verify this upon receipt of application;
  • and have an address, including a zip code (your parole or probation office may be used in the place of your address of residence).

To obtain a CAL-ID make an online appointment at the DMV by visiting If you choose to drop into a DMV Office, click the yellow tab that says “offices” to find the DMV location nearest you.

You can obtain a fee waiver for the CA ID through the Probation Department. Contact your DPO to apply for the waiver.

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