About The Alameda County Online Resource Finder

For more than 40 years Eden I&R, Inc. has been providing up-to-date information about Social Service providers in Alameda County to government agencies, non-profits, and the public. It is our hope that this online service will greatly improve access to the information maintained by Eden I&R. The information will be the most current available and will be available 24 hours a day to anyone with an Internet connection.

The Information Management Department at Eden I&R updates all of the information we have about an agency at least once each year. This annual update involves mailing a copy of each agency's entire record to them for review. Although we will edit information to meet our style guidelines, what you read is essentially what we are "told" by the agency itself.

In addition to the regular update mailed to each agency, we modify records throughout the year as we are made aware of changes in phone numbers, addresses, etc. It is our hope that feedback we receive from users of the Online Resource Finder will help to keep our information even more up-to-date.

This project represents a truly collaborative effort involving numerous local government agencies and non-profit organizations. We hope you will visit our Sponsors page to become familiar with those in your community who support Eden I&R in maintaining this information and making it available to those who need it.